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Wessex Purchase firing his flint lock musket to ward off evil spirits at the Wilkins Wassail!Wassail!

Saturday 20th January 2018

starting at 7:30pm

Our famous Wassail is on Saturday 20th January 2018 starting at 7:30pm.  Buy your £10 tickets on the door for a very special evening.  Your ticket includes entry and all the cider you can drink and still stay upright, snack food, singing and dancing.   There'll be Ceilidh music in abundance courtesy of The Somerset Levellers........

Not been to one before?  Have a look at the Youtube video below - you'll get the idea!  You can find out more about the history of Wassails on by clicking on this link to Wikipedia

My Wassail hot mulled zider is a speciality an' guaranteed to make you feel very warm inside and glowing outside!

(Oh,  if you're wondering why we got a piccie of a man firing his antique flintlock musket into my zider apple trees,  that's Wessex Purchase who frightens away evil spirits during our Wassail ceremony by firing his gun into the trees - t'ain't loaded with ball o'course, just black powder.  'An' e don't get no zider until after e's fired it, o'course)

Join us!  Wrap up warm and don't wear them high-heels (and that goes for the girls too.....;)


PS:  Don't drink and drive after my Wassail - t'ain't good for nobody.  Why not organise a local taxi or,  if you're nearby, walk?  If you're coming as a group in a car always have a non-drinking nominated driver - they'll still enjoy themselves and there'll be plenty of free soft drink available for them too!

Have a look at last year's Wassail on Youtube

Order Cider

You can order cider direct from Roger by telephone:

5 litres £10

10 litres £20

20 litres £38

plus £12 delivery (UK only) by Parcelforce 48

Call Roger on 01934 712385 to order

Can deliver to Europe

call Roger for quote +44 1934 712385

(sorry, can't deliver to North America,

Australasia or Far East) as Roger can't

guarantee the quality of the cider

after such a long delivery)

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