About Wilkins Cider

About me and the farm…

I’m Roger Wilkins and my family have been producing proper traditional cider from our farm in Mudgley Somerset for nigh on 1,000 years… well all right, not quite that long, it just seems that way.

The farm is open 7 days a week from 10:00 until 8:00, ‘cept Sundays when we close at 1:00pm, so I can have a quiet Sunday lunch.

You’re very welcome to come along to the farm and sample my CAMRA award-winning cider and then you’ll want to buy some.  Want to order cider but can’t get here?  I don’t do any of this e-commerce stuff – just call me on 01934 712385 and I can send you the best cider in Somerset!  Why not order some cheese too,  while you’re talking to me?  Cheddar and Stilton cheese like you never tasted before,  especially our un-pasteurised Cheddar – proper stuff!

The UK “Independent” Newspaper voted me cider Number 1 for Somerset Ciders saying:

“Not a cider for the novice – a sip of Wilkins’ will put hairs on your chest. And those hairs will sprout hairs. Roger makes his cider the traditional way, leaving the juice to ferment naturally in wooden barrels, resulting in a fearsome, robust, Lucozade-hued booze that’s not ready to tap until Roger says it’s ready. Roger ‘doesn’t do email’ but welcomes phone orders for his sweet, medium or dry ciders.”

If you come ‘ere be careful, mind, as it’s a working farm and we don’t have any of that fancy modern shop layout here, just barrels in my cider barn.  Got wonderful tasting Cheddar and Stilton cheese and lots of fresh local vegetables, eggs, pickles and the like for sale, too.

If you’re in Somerset for a holiday you can call in,  get your cider and then go for a lovely walk across Westhay Moor on the Somerset Levels – appreciate the countryside, that’s what I say.

Have a look at our range of cider drinking bowls and flagons.  Again, just call us on 01934 712385 to order (or better still,  call at the farm have a cider and then order some 😉 

You can also find out what visitors say about me an’ the farm by visiting TripAdvisor here…..

If you’ve got a few spare minutes, here’s a lovely film by Adam Millbank © of me farm and making cider here…..



See you soon!